There will be specially minted governance tokens (ZGOV) to address decentralized governance of the dPlat, dApp store, treasury usage, and the $DPLAT tokenomics. The ZGOV prevents a "pay-to-play" model where those with the most purchasing power hold more of the control. Instead, governance will be weighted by ownership range with a focus towards opensource contributors and dApp developers to ensure all stakeholders have a voice. Governance tokens will be assigned based on DPLAT ownership as per the table below. There will be multipliers assigned to opensource contributors (20x) and dApp creators (2x).

A single token will correspond to one vote. Governance can be broken down into three sections:

  • dPlat governance (smart contracts, tokenomics)

  • zbyte Treasury governance (liquidation of funds, grants)

  • dApp store bylaws (ethical and legal limitations on dApp types, removing dApps from the dApp store)

The initial few months of the DAO will operate on a temporary governance token. These tokens will be assigned manually to token holders. A smart contract automated ZGOV allocation will go live in 2024.

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