dPlat Fees

dPlat Fee

As mentioned previously, the dPlat accepts all fees in only the DPLAT token, removing the complexity of multi-currency management. For each transaction that occurs on the dPlat, there is a combination of fees that are charged to the user: the infrastructure fee, dApp fee, and the dPlat fee.

Infrastructure fee

The infrastructure fee is the number of DPLAT needed to pay the underlying L1 costs, decentralized storage costs, etc. These are converted in real-time and at-cost.

dApp fee

The dApp fee represents the royalties disbursed to creators and contributors for each transaction linked to a decentralized application (dApp). This amount is determined by a combination of the fee set by a community contributor and the dApp creator. This dynamic approach ensures that individuals who contribute valuable components and applications consistently accumulate value, aligning the rewards with the merit of their contributions.

dPlat fee

The dPlat fee is the cost associated with ensuring that users do not need to perform multi-currency management, which is currently $0.02 per transaction in fiat. To ensure this amount remains affordable, the fiat value of the DPLAT tokens charged will not change, ensuring that as DPLAT fluctuates in price, only $0.02 worth of DPLAT are needed for this operation. The dPlat fee is sent to the zbyte Treasury, ensuring that the DAO continues to have the necessary funds to sustainably operate, maintain, and improve the dPlat.

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